Present Art Show: None at this time - February 2008

About The Artist:

November, 2007

Arthur was born in the small farming community of Plymouth, Indiana, on January 01, 1960. Within his first year, his mother, Marion Bell Crockett, moved with him to nearby South Bend, Indiana, where he grew up. His artistic beginnings were nurtured by his mother, who had been a freelance commercial artist. She instilled in him the love of artistic expression starting when he was about four years old.

He participated in group art projects in elementary school and in art shows at the South Bend Municipal Airport. During his teen years, Arthur developed friendships with musicians, singers, writers and other artists. He started selling art regularly, in restaurants, directly to art collectors and as commissioned works. Arthur was involved in many art shows, and at one point, was featured in an art gallery dedicated to his work alone. Also in his late teens, he worked as a full time jeweler, and on the weekends helped his mother manage an antique business.

In 1980, Arthur and his mother moved to Chico, California. He started exhibiting and selling his art in local restaurants. After a short time, he began attending Butte Community College to study electrical engineering, civil engineering, and engineering drafting. He received an Associate of Science Degree in Engineering Drafting, and a Certificate
of Achievement in Electronics. During and after this period, Arthur began rekindling his love for art by attending classes in the arts. His classes included Illustration and Design, Drawing, Painting, and Figure
Drawing. He was inspired by many Butte College instructors, including Ruben Heredia, Randy Wilson, Lois Perkins, David Hoppe, Jerril Dean Kopp, Julie Shaw and Paula Busch. During these years, Arthur was a part of many student shows, and joined local art groups including Artists in Recovery, and the Wall Street Center for the Arts, directed by Shanti De’ Genova. Over the years, Arthur has made many friends in the art world, including many of the models who have been a part of his work.

Arthur has been given many awards for his artwork. One of his greatest honors has been the People’s Choice Award for the Chico Open Board Art project that has put one of his artworks on permanent public display in the downtown area of Chico, California.

Since 1986, Arthur has been involved in the antiques and collectibles trade, and beginning in around 1990, began doing art restoration for collectors and art dealers. He feels deeply indebted to his family, friends and colleagues for helping him achieve a rewarding life in the arts.

Arthur Wesley Lemner lives in Chico, California with his wife Margo
and their son Wesley.

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Artistic Statement:

(for the present anyway)

“I am obsessed with the depiction
of my ideas and experiences.”

That being said, the artist utilizes every possible opportunity to provide the world with insights that are the reflections of life, both inside us and around us.

Perceptive individuals can often provide a way to experience what is, what was,
and what can be. Thus enters the Artist as Shaman, who provides magical
interpretations of the spirit and soul for our enlightenment. Speaking of the spirit
and soul… one way to give these characters of the abstract realm solidity is with the depiction of the human shell inside which they play.

“I utilize both human and animal forms to create a tangible image for the forces
of nature, and their stories that surround us (even those that we do not yet recognize).”

The objective is to communicate the parts of life that we all share, but often seem to miss while looking in the opposite direction.

“I have a challenge in mind…To relate the ultimate in experiences for all those who allow the creative spirit into their souls.”

Arthur Wesley Crockett Lemner
November 2007