Welcome to the detailed showing of "Figurative Explorations"

This show features Ruben Heredia, Arthur Lemner, and Christine Fulton.

The show was at the COYOTE GALLERY of Butte Community College From the 7th of November through
the 13th of December 2007. The times of viewing were from 10am to 2pm monday through Friday. This page
has reproductions of 5 of the 11 of my works that were in the gallery show with the remaining
6 artworks on page 2 (link at bottom of this page). If you would like to view the works not accepted for the
show, please visit the linked page entitled "More Pics", link in Nav Bar above.

Thank you for visiting my web space gallery!

PS. This artwork contains unclothed human and animal bodies. Enter only if you are mature enough to do so. If
you have questions or comments, write me; click here! Pictures are not in any specific order of importance.

And now on with the show...

"Moral Tension"

Originally I had intended to
depict over-population. As I
created this picture I included
the surround of environment
to indicate the total effect on
the earth, beyound the
clostrophobic crowding of
bodies. This first version of
"Moral Tension" had a
de- corative border and was
in a show in Chico CA. That
first work was destroyed, unfortunately.

"Millenium Venus"

This work is one of love. I have exaggerated Venus's size because I like big girls too! The two
Characters on Her shoulders are mySon and
Myself. I'm the one on your right. Wesley, on the
left of you is holding a Frog (a sign of good
Fortune). We, (Wes and I), often torment Venus
not because we want to, but because we need to.
Don't believe me? Ask Venus! Venus, buy the way
always makes notes about everything, even the kid
and I. Do I wonder if some of those notes effect
Christmas and Birthdays? All the Time.

Venus and I have been Together for 24 years now
and it sure seems like only Seconds in Time. So
much Life can Happen so quickly that it all feels
UnReal and Dream-like. She has put up with my
Artistic Values and that has been a Plus. She
Herself is very Talented and has been Active
behind the Scenes while Helping Me Deal with
Life's Struggles. I OWE Her so much. My Venus;
"She Who Must Be Obeyed"

" We "

I will at times get these funny
ideas about life as we know it.
This was one of those times. I
was conversing with someone
when this feeling of my future
becoming the past drifted over
me. We were reminiscing about
the GODs that were, and I, of
course, applied my mediations
to the people of the here and
now via an art work. If you
Think about it, We are the
ones that Future Peoples will
Romanticise and Dream of.


This painting was prompted by a close friend
of my family. Acctually she is more a part of
our family than some that are blood relations.
She is a beautiful young woman who is a bit
narcissistic (in a fun sort of way). At every
Mirror she would stop to stare at her beauty.
I would often tease her about her behavior,
but it is what makes her herself. I finally
painted this picture to exercise the Demons.
It seems to have worked a bit. She had two
goldfish at the time, which I used to help
frame the idea by giving them sharp teeth to
frighten viewers and those who Identify with
the Mirror. Her cats, Clockwork and Stormy
are there, but Clockworks reflection is that of
DEATH in the Mirror. The purple Devil in the
mirror was her boyfriend, I've heard he's still
a Devil. I am the Satre that intrudes from the
Mirror into both worlds. The poem that is
inscribed on the parchment reads:
"Love of Beauty is Strong and Binding, but
the Power of Time is long and winding"

PS: The yellow shine is Gold Leafing.

"Mother Earth's Revenge"

A close look at various biological mutations
among our fellow inhabitants will give one
a since of what we have done to the
environment globally. I couldn't help but to
think about evolution. My insights led me to
a vision of the "Forces" (aka. Mother Earth)
sprinkling Star Dust upon man-kind with the
outcome being man-kinds return to
a primordial existence. Here we see people
being returned to an early biologic form.
I wrote the following poem for this piece:

"What is GOD, The Creator, and what the
one before? Just a thought and yet the Idea
has become much More. History has shown
that for every Reaction there is a Begining,
so just what was nothing and can
It happen again?

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