The Left Out Pictures from the show "Figurative Explorations"

The show will be at the COYOTE GALLERY of Butte Community College From the 7th of November through
the 13th of December. The times of viewing are from 10am to 2pm monday through Friday. This page has
reproductions of the 6 works of the 17 submitted to the show that were not chosen to be in the show currently in
the gallery. There will be other works posted to the More Art from time to time where you will find more as yet
undiscovered works.

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PS. This artwork contains unclothed human and animal bodies. Enter only if you are mature enough to do so.
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Pictures are not in any specific order of importance. And now on with the show...

"Life As We
Know It"

I did this work after a day in
the city spent observing
Humanity, Oh Boy! I wrote a
brief explanation for this one:
SOL sleeps as if Time goes on
Forever, The MOON listens to
many crys but utters naught,
GAIA continues to birth as all
the while LUST seeks more,
Here our DEVIL laughs from
within It's Mask as Human-
Kind drowns in Life Itself, Alas
only DEATH turns away as if
awaiting the Rise of Something New.

"Sensuous Serenade"

I was part of an Art Workshop back in 1994 at
Humbolt University in California with Ruben
Heredia with the Leader being Don Lagerberg
from Cal State Fullerton (Great Art Teacher).
We build a Stage and Populated the Space
with Models and Concrete Statuary (Dear and
Pan). Another Close Friend and Artist Herself
by the Name of Diana Harbor was there as
was Eric Claunch and another local art student
(Forgotten Her name - I'm Sorry) at the Time.
(Please forgive spellings). We had a Great
Time over the course of two weeks. I Loved it.
We were Drawing from SUN up to Midnight
seven Days a week. There were multiple Art
Shows and Live Performances in front of an Audience at the End in which We were all a
part of. Our guest Artist from New York was
Mark Kostabi. I still have a Drawing made by
Him for Me depicting His lighting Theory as it
pertanes to Objects, on an approximately
8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.

"Self Portrait 03272006"

From viewing my Work you may have
recognized a Resemblance of some of the
Characters to MySelf. Well Here I am again.
I just had to Immoidolize the many Characters
that Live Below My Artboard under My
paper. You might notise that I have to stand
on Top of the Drawing surface just to keep
them contained. I tryed to Draw this Pose and
I did a quick Job of it, but wasn't Satified, so
to avoid any more Pain I took a Photo and
used that to Finish the work. A Models Work
is not as easy as you might think. Where
would the Artists be without Their Long
Suffering Models to Help them in Their
Quest. Being a Professional Model is an Art
in Itself. The Being above the main Character
is the Creative Spirit Symbolized by the All
Seeing Eyes. This Guy just can't seem to get
enough og HimSelf now can He?

" Tranfiguration"

The State of Affairs in the World is just as
Troubling to We Artists as they are to Anyone
else. That said, I will Direct You to the Image
on your Right. I was continuously being
bombarded by the Bad News everywhere I
went for so long a Period that I Snapped and
had to get IT Out of my System. This Work is
Based upon the Awareness that came to Me
one Bright and SUNny Day. I heard over and
over how the United Forces were tracking
down Militants and Terrorists in homes, in
Proviences, and other Countries. It became
difficult to know Who was Finding and
KILLing Who and which Side They were on.
I Realized that all the Innocent Civilians
(Collateral Damage) were being Terrorized
more than those Who were the Real Targets
of Terrorists. So here It is. "Destruction of
one Fear is the Creation of yet One more".
We become what We Fear by KILLing what
We Fear.

"Flow of Life"

And now for something completely different...
Rudy and I were in the Sierra Nevada foothills doing a Photo Shoot and as He took this Pose I couldn't help but to Think about the Steam of Life Flowing endlessly over the Cliffs to the End of Time. I put a Skull Rock in this Stream to Act as DEATHs Sentinel; always there no matter what Changes over Time. The afternoon was warm and the Environment was Peaceful, but the Water was Freezing and this was August. High Mountain Streams can be very Cold. Again the Life of a Model is not the easyist Job arround.


The Title says It all, or does It? Berni here
took this Pose with an Air of such Authority
that I felt that I was Performing for Royalty.
His Staff seemed to be a Weapon to Control
People with and if They were Disobedient,
well you get the Picture. I see this Scenario all
over the World. A Government must Protect
It's People and It's Land by any means. Those
Destroyed are always Monsters, so It must be
OK. In the distant background to the Left of
Berni (Our Right Side) lies the Giant Head of
an Enemy with It's Rib Cage stretching to the
Right of Berni (Our Left). The Nose of this
Behemouth seems to have been Cut off. This
sounds Childishly familiar, but, OH well on
with Life, Right!

Thank you for visiting my part of the this art show presently at the Coyote Gallery at Butte Community College
Oroville CA from November 7th 2007 to December 13 2007. Hope to see you there.